Ant Saunders Is More Than Another TikTok Success Story


It seems as if TikTok is now the place to go to discover the next big thing in music. If you're unsure of what TikTok is, you've been living under a rock or do not live with a teenager. In 2019 alone, TikTok has accumulated over 500 million active users worldwide. This makes TikTok ninth in terms of social network sites, ahead of sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. In September of 2018, it surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in monthly installs in the App Store, and was downloaded more than 800 million times in 2018. Thus, leaving TikTok with a total of over a billion downloads since it's launch.

And with TikTok's massive popularity, many songs on the music-driven platform have been overlooked, forgotten, and fallen by the wayside. But not for an artist by the name of Ant Saunders. This viral sensation has been taking the industry by storm. With only three songs to his name and well over eight million monthly listeners on Spotify, it's impossible not to stop in awe with how much traction this New Jersey native has made since the release of his breakout single, "Yellow Hearts."

Saunders began his journey into music at the mere age of 14. With just his midi keyboard, a laptop, and a bedroom in his parents' house, this was the beginning of an unforeseen successful future. Saunders drew inspiration from storytelling artists like Ed Sheeran, Frank Ocean, and John Legend, incorporating his own recipe to an already established genre of music in order to break out from the millions of other aspiring artists.

Saunders was never expecting to be a pop sensation. He's always been a modest guy, happy to just be himself. He's always tried to be real to himself and others. Saunders explains, "I've always been a soft-spoken person. Growing up it felt like I didn't have a strong voice. Music was my escape. Whenever I couldn't talk about something, my music was my voice."

Soft-spoken or not, his music speaks volumes. Saunders recently broke into the top 20 of Billboard Hot 100, which sparked the ignition of his viral takeover. “Yellow Hearts" is simple, yet mesmerizing. It's got an addictive beat that constantly has you putting the song on repeat. So addictive that "Yellow Hearts" has taken the top spot on Spotify's US and Global Viral Charts and flew into the Top 50 on the US charts for Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, hitting the Top 200 in more than 30 countries on Spotify and the Top 100 in more than 20 countries on Apple Music.

Stop sleeping. Get out from under that rock. Start streaming "Yellow Hearts" and keep tabs on what could possibly be the next big thing. Don't miss out on what's next for Ant Saunders.