Artemas Pushes Pop Boundaries on “High 4 U”


It's clear that Oxford's Artemas is destined for stardom. His songwriting, vocals, and production abilities all come together to create distinct and undeniably catchy electronic pop. His most recent single "High 4 U" is the perfect introduction for those unfamiliar with the artist.

"High 4 U," produced by Artemas and Kevin White, is a captivating combination of electronic and alternative pop sounds that climactically builds with Artemas's emotive performance. The lyrics of the track show Artemas reflecting on a struggling relationship all while stunning listeners with his impressive vocal runs.

The multi-talented artist is only a handful of songs into his discography, but he already sounds like a veteran. Artemas's individuality and unique use of influences make his music refreshing in the oversaturated contemporary pop scene.

Listen to "High 4 u" by Artemas below: