ASL’s “Til You Pulled Up” Is an Indie-Folk Love Ballad You Need to Hear [PREMIERE]


A Los Angeles based music collective fronted by John Ryan (One Direction, Maroon 5) and Shungudzo (Little Mix, Rudimental), ASL stands for exactly what you'd expect: Age. Sex. Location. With a rotating roster, ASL takes it upon themselves to selectively craft each release with the care and consideration, but only for 72 hours. By the end of the third day, ASL always has an entire collection of fully recorded and produced songs, and soon enough, their forthcoming EP, Love Center, will be ours for the taking.

A lovely track about light in the darkness, "Til You Pulled Up" is very much a love song. The indie-folk elements of this lighthearted song are pulled together with soothing vocals all around, and the moving lyricism speaks to even the loneliest of people. A true testament to the power of love, "Til You Pulled Up" is the perfect dedication for someone special who lights up your world like no one else. Before ASL unleashes their highly anticipated Love Center EP, you're more than welcome to familiarize yourself with their eclectic sound now with "Til You Pulled Up."

On "Til You Pulled Up," ASL's Shungudzo exclusively shared with us,

"A lot of today's popular music is pretty dark–which makes sense, because music often mirrors what's happening in the world. Going into the making of our third EP, 'Love Center,' our goal was to create a counter to that. Something people could put on to feel good and fall in love to. Our initial intention was to make a bunch of confidently corny, in-your-face love songs. And while the next few days we spent making the EP took a lot of emotional twists and turns, 'Til You Pulled Up' is one of a couple songs that drove straight down the road to Love Town and never looked back. It's about the power of love to bring light to even the darkest of situations. And a really sexy red Chevy Impala."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Til You Pulled Up" below: