Audrey MiKa’s “Fake Heartbreak” Is Your Anti-Cuffing Season Anthem


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Well, it's certainly not cuffing season for everyone. Like many of us, Audrey MiKa is going through it. "Fake Heartbreak" marks the singer's first release since signing with RCA and arrives as a passionate R&B ballad that is nothing short of stunning. 

With its heavy bass focus and MiKa's brooding register, the song has a gorgeous bluesy vibe. As she sings about losing her way and needing to move on, it becomes apparent that MiKa's thoughts are killing her and she needs a way out. Mika spoke further on "Fake Heartbreak," sharing,

“This song explains that you’re not alone when it comes to heartbreak and that everyone goes through it. Being vulnerable isn’t a bad thing, and 'Fake Heartbreak' is here to tell you that it’s gonna be ok.”

The video, directed by Richard Valencia, is a dramatic depiction of a girl in pain. In dimly lit rooms with foggy silhouettes, MiKa roams around with a dejected aura. She laments singing, "These feelings won't catch the fade away / I need them to fade away / Yeah, this fake heartbreak." Quick cuts between her lighting her ex's clothes ablaze and attending "The Heartbreak Support Group" give us a look inside MiKa's slippery descent into beautiful despair. If cuffing season seems to have backfired on you too, MiKa's "Fake Heartbreak" is your anthem.

Watch the video for "Fake Heartbreak" below: