AUDREY NUNA Flexes Her Dynamic Range in “Long Night”


AUDREY NUNA, formerly known as Audrey, is a name you need to keep on your radar. The 20-year-old Korean-American artist has an undeniable gift for R&B. With that being said, AUDREY NUNA's talents extend far beyond jaw-dropping vocal feats, as the New York-based artist continuously proves she can flow with the best of them.

Her previous single, "Comic Sans," saw her linking up with Louisville rapper Jack Harlow to deliver a laidback flow over an effervescent beat. Clearly not one to be restrained by genre conventions, AUDREY NUNA's latest single sees her blending R&B and hip-hop to brilliant effect.

"Long Night" finds AUDREY NUNA in her element. Over an intoxicating backing beat, the rising artist opens with a siren's like call that showcases her impeccable vocal control. However, the true balancing act on display is the duality of AUDREY NUNA's unique range, which sways between Ariana Grande-evoking pop-R&B vocal acrobatics to rapid-fire lyricism at a moment's notice. AUDREY NUNA spoke further on bringing "Long Night" to life, sharing,

"The title's ironic looking back because I rewrote the song seven times. That's not an exaggeration. I re-shot the video too because the first version was just an epic failure on my part. It was literally the longest night of my life. Sometimes it's so easy to create what you see in your head. This one was a shitshow. I loved every moment though."

In addition to the new single we will be playing on repeat, "Long Night" arrives alongside a visual that sees AUDREY NUNA lit by a night-vision glow. The accompanying music video takes us up-close-and-personal with the rising R&B and hip-hop artist, as we drift through the city streets of New York at night.

Listen to "Long Night" below: