Ayelle’s “Effort” Is an Ode to Stepping Away From Social Media [Premiere]


Growing up in Sweden and Spain, Swedish-Iranian artist Ayelle has explored her interest in songwriting ever since she was a child. The rising songstress is known for fusing together elements of electro-pop and R&B in a way that absolutely sweeps us off our feet. Ahead of her forthcoming Nomad Mixtape, Ayelle is treating us to a sultry new single, "Effort."

Between the bouncy synths and Ayelle's captivating vocals, "Effort" is easily one of the best efforts we have heard from her yet. In this bittersweet track, Ayelle vents about being with someone who has their eyes obsessively glued to their phone, finding it impossible to connect for even a brief moment. If anything, "Effort" should serve as a reminder for us to invest our time and energy into someone who does the same.

On "Effort," Ayelle shared with us,

"In today's social media climate, it's difficult to stay present sometimes and it's noticeable in all kinds of relationships. I wrote 'Effort' about being in a relationship with someone who can't clock off of social media and just be in the moment with you."

Listen to "Effort" below: