Baby Rose Reminds Us Why It’s Called the Blues on “All To Myself”


Photo: Donté Maurice

One of the definitive qualities of soul music is that you just can't fake it. Its very name references the concept that there is an intangible portion of our being that so decisively encompasses our consciousness and experiences that it is totally unique to the bearer; quite literally, artists in this genre must expose their inner truth or the music will simply not be believable. Well, Baby Rose's latest release "All To Myself" might as well turn her skin to glass, because the song allows us to see clearly inside.

"All To Myself" brought a tear to our eyes from Baby Rose's first breath. After a brief intro of baleful piano and trembling organ, the singer's fathomless alto breaches the track with heart-aching lyrics depicting the struggle to separate from an unrequited love. Throughout the song, Baby Rose adds layer after layer of anguish to her already poignant rasp, culminating in the bridge of the song where she sings, "I could try explaining, but it's complicated / and now I'm far too faded for our conversation / I may say something I regret, like 'I really want you back.'"

It's worth noting just how powerful of a drivetrain the singer's voice serves on this track. As mentioned, "All To Myself" begins with organ and piano. With the addition of a bass guitar and the artist's vocal about 30 seconds in, the instrumentation of the song remains constant throughout the track's three and half minute duration. The stripped nature of the arrangement allows Baby Rose to carry the narrative through her voice, resulting in a seamless yet colossal build that doesn't need drums or guitar to remind you why it's called the blues.

With a voice that can move mountains, it's no wonder that Baby Rose has caught the attention of countless big names in the industry. She recently scored cosigns with SZA, Kehlani, and J. Cole, a feature the new Matt Martian album, and even a distribution deal with J. Erving and Troy Carter via their venture Q&A/Human Re-Sources.

Baby Rose's debut album Bobby is set to release July 11. In the meantime, make sure you have a box of tissues ready for when you check out "All To Myself" here: