BabyJake’s “Do I Fit In Your Shoes?” Is the Ultimate Dig at the Recording Industry


Photo: Tegh Rataul

There is no doubt that BabyJake's outlook on music is a little different than your average growing artist. His down to earth psyche and genuinity bleeds vividly through every written lyric, song that's produced, and post that's posted online. His interaction and fan engagement is nothing less than bonafide. But, how can an artist who provides so much authenticity not feel the wrath of the cutthroat lifestyle that is the music industry? Well, that's the story BabyJake shares in his latest single, "Do I Fit In Your Shoes?"

The name of the song says it all. There's an obvious agenda artists need to fill when entering the major label system. The look, the sound, the persona… it can go on and on. For the artists who do it for the love of the music, fitting into this agenda can be weary. There's not many artists who speak against it with the worry of falling off or not fitting in. 

BabyJake's new track is an ode to the artists who just want to play their damn guitar and reach audiences who will appreciate the authenticity behind every chord strummed. BabyJake explains that the song is an obvious dig at the major label system and the flaws that fall within it, sharing,

"The song is clearly a dig at the major label system & my personal experience within it. I don't go into crazy depths detail wise but I’m definitely getting really personal & letting my fans know how I feel… the song is super personal. It's not easy talking about bad experiences, even harder letting the entire world hear about them. I still feel a certain way about the record. Damned if you do, damned if you don't type of vibe in my mind. I knew people would respect the musicality & personal story of the record but I also knew that this would open up a whole can of worms as far as people judging who I am & what my situation is. But at the end of the day, if you aren't being real & personal with your records I don't think you can ever be considered a great songwriter in my eyes. And I would definitely above all like to be considered a great songwriter one day."

BabyJake explains the music video is simple. A clear portrayal of the lyrics in the song. A mixture between greed and gluttony showcasing exactly how he feels about the record industry. A real portrayal of a real artist. 

Listen to "Do I Fit In Your Shoes?" below: