Baker Grace Overcomes Her Relentless Haters with Trap-Infused “Illest”


Photo Credit: Chuck Willis

Born and raised in New Jersey, Baker Grace spent her childhood listening to greats like Carole King and Tupac Shakur and penning original songs to momentarily escape from reality. After teaching herself how to play guitar and piano, Grace began to develop her bubbly pop soundscape that we'll get to experience in her forthcoming EP, Girl, I Know, on May 17. In anticipation of the upcoming release, Grace has unveiled her incredible new single, "Illest," which is far different from any other dynamic track on Girl, I Know.

With hip-hop influences, "Illest" sees Grace's demanding vocals dominate the trap-infused beats and crushing electronics. In "Illest," Grace begs listeners to dismiss our doubters' negativity because we should always practice self-confidence to the fullest. Just the catchy chorus is enough to convince us that Grace's badass attitude is going to take her music career to extreme heights, so you should definitely keep your eyes on her.

On "Illest," Baker Grace shared,

"'Illest' is about overcoming the fear of failure and the judgement of others. I wrote this song at a time [when] I didn't know if I was good enough to make it. It's easy to play the victim role and think the world is against you when a lot of times it's you betting against yourself. 'Illest' promotes the confidence and self-love we all desperately need."

Ignore your haters with Baker Grace's "Illest" below: