Dreamer Boy Recruits BENEE For the Cosmically Beautiful “Are You Letting Go?


Photo: Adam Alonzo

Uncertainty can be a beautiful thing. It's a notion that speaks to the limitless possibilities on the other side of the horizon, the splendor of unspoken promise. And while that sense of infinity can be daunting, paralyzing even, it is this nebulous moment of ambiguity that balances precariously between heartbreak and true love that Dreamer Boy and BENEE perfectly capture in their latest joint single, "Are You Letting Go?."

Atop an ethereal soundscape that, before venturing off to add more idyllic flourishes of production and instrumentation, calls to mind the cosmic vastness of Beach House's Bloom, the genre-bending Nashville artist and New Zealand multi-platinum breakout star trade sublime verses that are equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful. It's a match made in heaven that leverages the best part of the newfound duo's respective talents, from Dreamer Boy's open-ended, introspective lyrics to BENEE's infectious, dreamlike lilt.

"'Are You Letting Go?' was written as a SOS or smoke signal to another person. I was very lost and feeling very far from someone I loved when I wrote this and sometimes the only communication you have with that person is not clear and leaves you hoping or longing. With this song, I wanted to express that unfamiliar and bewildering place of love, of not knowing, and the uncertainty of how the other person is feeling," shares Dreamer Boy.

Speaking further on how the collaboration came into existence, Dreamer Boy adds, "This is a song that I really wanted to have BENEE appear on because it shows that there is someone else and she gives the other side of the story in some ways. I have loved her vocal delivery and writing for some time now and her song 'Happen to Me' really inspired me to reach out and ask her to join me on this song. I am so happy to share this little heartbreaker with the world and so cool to have BENEE be a part of it."

"Are You Letting Go?" plays out like a message left in a bottle left to drift endlessly through the incalculable expanse of space, buoyed only by a flickering sense of optimism that it'll reach someone who will one day reply in turn. Wistful, beautiful, and delicate to the touch.  

Listen to "Are You Letting Go?" below: