Benjy Ali Returns with His New Single “MISTAKES”


Benjy Ali first found his love for music in school choir and orchestra. This childhood dream is slowly becoming a reality with each new single the Brockton, Massachusetts native puts out. Benjy Ali is best known for his soulful vocal performances and his ability to pen memorable melodies. His debut single "Alright" is a perfect showcase of what makes the up and comer so exciting with its bouncy production and Ali's optimistic outlook.

Benjy Ali is back with his sophomore release titled "MISTAKES." The single is far more self-reflective and melancholic than "Alright," but "MISTAKES" is just as dreamy, catchy, and forward thinking as its predecessor. 

"If you've ever wanted something that felt so far out of reach, understand the things in your power and let go of all those that aren't. As for me, letting go of everything that wasn't in my control was the only way. So from the lessons in my late teens that led to fresh inflections in my 20's, I present to you this newfound resolve" Benjy Ali tells us. "MISTAKES" is a focused depiction of Benjy Ali's personal growth as he copes with past mistakes - something that everyone can relate to. 

"MISTAKES" is another step closer to Benjy Ali being recognized by the wide audience he deserves. Check out "Alright," "MISTAKES," and expect new music soon from the rising act.

Listen to "MISTAKES" by Benjy Ali below: