Bensbeendead. Takes Us on an Emotional Journey With ‘Lovely Creatures’

A well-crafted song is the perfect escape; it can whisk you away to somewhere you've been, have yet to venture to, or somewhere you'd rather be. Often, this is an actual place, but sometimes it's a feeling. As you hear Bensbeendead. new EP Lovely Creatures blast through your speakers, he takes you on a journey of love, lust, hope, and regret.

One thing in particular that makes Lovely Creatures such a dynamic listen is the combination of acoustic and electronic instrumentation allowing the EP to have a modern yet timeless vibe. This is demonstrated on tracks like "How You Like it" and "Feels Like Dancing," which expertly overlay pop vocals on top of warm organs, swelling strings, and the smooth timbre of the trumpet. Then you have Bensbeendead.'s effortless falsetto that when combined with the warm harmonies on display provide a dreamlike tone to the vocals.

On the surface, Lovely Creatures is a play-by-play of a classic night out on the town, but when you dive into the EP, it becomes apparent that Bensbeendead. is merely using the party lifestyle as a metaphor for his experience with relationships.

Contained in this EP is a rollercoaster ride through the emotions that go hand in hand with navigating a relationship. The elation and excitement of something new is on full display in tracks "Feels Like Dancing" and "French Exit," only for that optimism to turn to somber self-reflections in the more melancholic "Many Moons" and "Replica." The brutal honesty in the lyricism is what really makes Lovely Creatures such an enjoyable ride as a listener.

Just as it takes courage to open yourself up to another person, it takes the same courage to lay yourself bare in your music and invite others to share in your journey. We can all be grateful for Bensbeendead. willingness to do just that, because in the end, we all just want to feel like we're not alone.

Listen to Lovely Creatures below: