brakence Conjures an Emotional Maelstrom on “argyle”


We named brakence one of our top artists to watch in 2021, and truth be told, we were starting to get worried his relative radio silence would prove us wrong. At least that was the case until the release of his latest single, "argyle," a striking reminder of the Ohio native's genre-spanning appeal and limitless potential.

"argyle" marks the first new single from brakence since the release of 2020's "sauceintherough," which we championed as a heartfelt adrenaline rush. In trademark brakence style, "argyle" is a heart-rending sonic and emotional journey from start to finish that sees him tackling themes of mental health, existential dread, and the cost of growing fame. 

Over a soundscape comprised of wistful production flourishes and dizzying guitar loops, brakence hints at the burden of outward expectation in likes like "You turned my personality into some kind of fetish" and "I started all this shit as an outlet / … And an old friend told me that I sold out." It's a harrowing track that sees brakence in a state of emotional turmoil, not just over the world closing in around him but also having to deal with a still bleeding heartbreak. This mounting maelstrom culminates in the song's chorus and closing moments as brakence desperately searches for an escape from it all.

Existing as a nebulous and intoxicating fusion of alternative, hyperpop, and emo-rap, "argyle" sees brakence solidifying his penchant for deeply affective songwriting while finding the time and space to explore novel sonic textures. It turns out some things are truly worth the wait; the king has returned.

Listen to "argyle" below: