Brandon’s Video For “Fallen (Here)” Will Ensure You Fall For Him


Photo Credit: Christian Alonzo

In June 2018, Brandon popped onto the scene with his debut single, "Fallen (Here)". Now, over a year later, we have been graced with a visual accompaniment, one that only reestablishes the dreamlike trance he induced when the song debuted.

The video starts with a shot of blades of grass as Brandon comes into view. Throughout the video, the shots change direction, as does the perspective. As the viewer, it sometimes feels like you are upside down looking at Brandon, then rolling over to see him right side up and vice versa. In a way, the visual perspective of the video is of someone who is actively falling for someone, whether that be figuratively or literally.  

When Brandon comes into focus, he has a guitar, with his back to us, which is when the song begins. The video takes us to a field, the middle of a street, and a house – all of which seem to hold importance as if they are distinctive places within the relationship. His voice glides over the finger picking of the guitar in a smooth and sultry way; he sounds like he's singing from the heart. It makes us believe that he was writing "Fallen (Here)" in the heat of the moment.

Occasionally, a yellow word will pop up on the screen, catching your eye and making you delve further into the meaning of the song's message. The first, "cold," popped up for a split second before the lyrics began, while he stands alone in the middle of the street. The second, "breathe," flickers on the screen alluding to how someone would shakily breathe while anxious. "Safe" and "love" were only present for a brief moment, just like how they are in relationships. Lastly, "fallen" appeared in time with Brandon singing it three times, and was made apparent, unlike many of the other words.

Falling for someone isn't always linear; it changes directions and faces obstacles and complications. Brandon's video for "Falling (Here)" encapsulates that idea in an incredibly simplistic, yet powerful way. Watch below: