Brevin Kim Delivers a Raw Intensity to New Single “Naples”


With no shortage of promising acts, 2021 is proving to be a great year for hard-working upcoming artists, and Brevin Kim is a perfect example of this. Fresh off the success of their 2020 debut record no less than three, Brevin Kim's newest single "Naples" sees the Boston duo doubling down on their signature raw intensity. 

Having landed coverage from major outlets and playlists due to their seamless genre-blending, the two brothers hit the ground running with their first release of 2021. If "Naples" is any indicator of things to come, then now is the perfect time to become a fan. 

Synthesizing brooding pop music with hard-hitting hip-hop percussion, Brevin Kim's "Naples" is a track that should definitely be on your radar. "Naples" features the duo delivering some seriously impassioned vocals and Melodyne-laden melodies, but this time around Brevin Kim seems to be venturing into a new era. 

"Naples" is dark and gritty, balancing both abrasive and infectiously catchy guitar tracks to create something that feels entirely brand new. Detailing an intense period of emotional reflection, Brevin Kim proves that their clever songwriting will shine through no matter the circumstance.

Whether or not you're a fan of electro-pop, Soundcloud rap, or alternative rock, it's easy to find something to enjoy on Brevin Kim's newest cut. Though it's been a minute since we last heard from the Massachusetts artists, luckily they've returned to fans on a note so strong it feels as though they never left. 

Listen to "Naples" below: