Brevin Kim Rejects Tradition on ‘no less than three’


Photo by Alex McDonnell

Brevin Kim perfectly toe the line between accessibility and boundary pushing experimentation. Ever since their 2019 EP titled cliff, the Boston duo have been subverting expectations and redefining their sound. cliff featured pop ballads, abrasive hip hop records, and wild electronic instrumentals. What is most exciting about the project is the sheer versatility as well as the mass potential the two showed. That potential has been realized on their debut album no less than three.

no less than three builds on the foundation set by cliff and helps establish Brevin Kim as forward thinking pioneers that can't be defined by genre. "!holyshitohmygod! features distorted vocals, loud bass, and a dark grunge aesthetic. "Exhausted." continues this energy with the duo trading strained vocal lines over a synth powered melody.

"Manzanita St." is a departure from the aggressive tone and instead sees Brevin Kim move in a more pop direction. The transition from "exhausted." into this track truly showcases the versatility of the duo. If you were unfamiliar with the duo it would almost be difficult to believe that these two tracks came from the same artist. "He Doesn't Love Her" is a somber introspective track that effectively pulls the audience into Brevin Kim's world through its relatable lyrics.

The album finishes strong with "LIKE THIS!" and "taste." The two tracks are laid back, carefree ballads with electronic and pop elements. no less than three is a strong debut that flexes the duo's versatility and shows that Brevin Kim has built their own lane. This album solidifies Brevin Kim's ability to put together a project that consists of a variety of ideas and sounds yet still sounds like one cohesive project.

Listen to no less than three by Brevin Kim below: