Briston Maroney and Manchester Orchestra Revisit “Bottle Rocket”


Briston Maroney's "Bottle Rocket" tells the cryptic tale of what feels like life and death decisions for an up-and-coming artist. Maroney metaphorically relates his experiences to a bottle rocket, which Urban Dictionary defines as "a thing, or person that is today’s hot item and is gone tomorrow. From the way a bottle rocket shoots into the sky, goes bang and is gone. A one hit wonder." Maroney isn't specific in his description of the term, which in effect, leaves the lyrics up to even greater interpretation.

This newly-released version of "Bottle Rocket" is accompanied by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell, the members of the Manchester Orchestra who co-wrote the original song alongside Brinston Maroney. Accompanying the track is an intimate live version of the song. 

In comparison to the drum forward and distortion heavy original, this new release leans into its stripped-back feel through the use of soft guitars, a piano, and the beautiful balance of Maroney and Manchester Orchestra's voices. The original upbeat version of the song incites bobbing heads and dancing feet, whereas the new rendition calls upon the listener to take a closer ear to the song's lyrics and dig deeper to reach their own interpretation.

Listen to "Bottle Rocket" below: