Brock Monroe Is Saving Alternative Rock with His Badass Attitude In “Bossman” [PREMIERE]


The savior of alternative rock scene has finally made his monumental debut, and we're stoked to hear what else Brock Monroe has in store. Years ago, Monroe found himself singing backup for Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show, but now he's taking his rich vocals to the stage as an empowered solo artist. His thrilling debut single, "Bossman" is exactly what alternative rock needs and so do we.

A booming anthem from a forward-thinking powerhouse, "Bossman" is all about taking control of your life and building it into something you're genuinely proud of. Stop the degradation and start fighting back. Paired with Monroe's badass attitude, "Bossman" features the most enticing instrumentals and electronics that we'd certainly blast while we quit our grueling day jobs.  

On "Bossman," Brock Monroe exclusively shared with us,

"'Bossman' was written out of my personal frustration with work. It became my anthem to get back up when I felt beaten down by 'The Man.' After watching the female empowerment movement over the last couple of years, I could hear, see, and feel so much of the frustration that the opposite sex was conveying. The sentiment felt like it aligned with my original feeling when writing 'Bossman,' and it seemed like the song's heartbeat would be best matched with the tone of the women's rise in America."


The accompanying music video for "Bossman" was shot in Phoenix, Arizona, and is equally intriguing as it is beautifully shot. Opening with a job rejection voicemail, the black and white visual follows an upset woman (Jesse Taffet) in a business suit who moves to the beat of "Bossman" as she dances through her frustrations. By the end of the compelling video, a sizable group of women sporting business suits are dancing in sync as they toss their blazers in the air and abandon them on the ground.

Monroe elaborated,

"For me, the 'art' in music is about bringing audible, visual, emotional, and even spiritual elements together to convey a message. The heart behind 'Bossman' is to trust that the higher power has given us free will to either lay down and die or to stand up and take action to create positive change. In my opinion, the message behind the art is relevant today and will continue to be as long as there is someone in need of a pick me up."

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "Bossman" video below: