Bronze Whale Show Off Their Unique Brand of Electronic Music on “Sinking” [Premiere]


While we're in the midst of what would be the start of festival season, we're feeling a bit empty without our usual dose of live electronic dance music. Whether we'd be at EDC or stage right at the Perry's stage at Lollapalooza, there's a deep void many of us are experiencing right now. But today, we're proud to premiere a song that will definitely help lift our spirits. Bronze Whale and Charlie Crown have blessed us with a brand new collaboration, "Sinking." It's a song you can absolutely rave to within the confines of your own home.

Bronze Whale is a duo out of Texas who you may already be familiar with from past articles we've written. They have curated a sound within the electronic scene that stands out like none other. The group combines electronic, R&B, hip-hop, and pop to create some really catchy tunes.

Even though "Sinking" is a song that you can dance to, it has a much deeper meaning. The lyrics dig deep into the realms of a toxic relationship you're stuck holding onto. It's that feeling of finding a relationship that you know is wrong for you, but it's so intoxicating that you can't let go. You'd rather "sink like stones."

The combination of Bronze Whales' vocals and the flawless combination of production from both Charlie Crown and Bronze Whale create an addictive recipe, leaving you hungry for more. The only disappointment you get from this song is when it ends. There's no doubt this could possibly be one of your most played songs this summer.

Stream "Sinking" below:

Bronze Whale · Bronze Whale x Charlie Crown - Sinking