BURNS Enlists Sabrina Claudio and A$AP Rocky for a Moment of Unparalleled “Energy”


It may still be April but Los Angeles - based artist and producer BURNS has us feeling like we are in the midst of summer. With his work for Britney Spears, Liam Payne, and plenty other artists of note, BURNS has quietly been making a name for himself as one of pop's most influential producers, but it is in his latest electronic and hip-hop influenced single "Energy" that he really lets loose.

Enlisting the help of A$AP Rocky and longtime Ones To Watch favorite Sabrina Claudio, BURNS makes it immediately apparent that he has a dance-inducing track with an unmatched vibe on his hands. From A$AP Rocky setting the tone in its sparse opening to Claudio's signature airy vocals floating forth like a siren's call to the dancefloor, "Energy" pulls you in and urges you to dance with reckless abandon. This is akin to a moment of bliss found on the dancefloor. BURNS spoke on "Energy," sharing,  

“This song is everything I'm about musically. I wanted to make something that sounded organic and authentic and that people can dance to. I'm very proud of it!”

What is arguably most captivating about "Energy" as a dance track is how its most exhilarating moments are not solely found in its drop or build. Rather, BURNS instills a sense of well, energy, in every single second of his latest collaborative feat. Simultaneously creating two dynamic sonic spaces for A$AP Rocky and Claudio, BURNS gives ample room for the two to demonstrate why they respectively are such driving forces in hip-hop and R&B. This is a dance track done right and one we are guessing you will be hearing a lot this summer and beyond.

Listen to "Energy" below: