Carly Rose’s Sultry Vocals Shine Right Through in “birds & bees” [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Aamir Khuller

New York's magnificent diamond in the rough, Carly Rose has been sharing her gorgeous vocals with the world for quite some time, especially since she placed 2nd on X Factor at just 12 years old. Rather than jumping straight into the music industry when she was given the opportunity, Rose took it upon herself to further develop her musical craft to hone what she had been lacking beforehand. Her guitar-driven pop is refreshingly bubbly and captivating, so we suggest that you add Carly Rose to your playlists before her career really skyrockets.

As we can tell from "birds & bees," Rose prides herself on penning moving lyrics that resemble her true character and incorporates stunning guitars to perfect her atmospheric soundscape. "birds & bees" recounts the conflicting thoughts of being surrounded by lots of people, but only wanting to be with one other person. The lively instrumentals and jumpy electronics pair exquisitely with Rose's impeccable vocals in "birds & bees" as she sings about her apathy toward social expectations.

On "birds & bees," Carly Rose exclusively shared with us,

"I've always found something romantic and special about the experience of being out with someone in a fun setting with lots of people, when you both know all you'd rather do is be alone – together. This song is just a really idealistic portrayal of those nights and deciding to give into temptation rather than worrying about social graces and expectations. It's not a party song per say, but more of an 'outside the party' song."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "birds & bees" below: