CARR’s Latest Single Is Aimed at Every “Loser” You’ve Ever Dated

With her latest single, "Loser," LA-based artist CARR, aka Carly McClellan, continues searching for peace of mind, making music for a dissatisfied generation. Her searing track tackles the perils of modern dating, the art of indecisiveness, and the disillusion behind today’s gut-wrenching expectations. CARR’s upcoming collection of songs centers around a myriad of sonic left-turns and diaristic songwriting, interrogating the stark realities of coming-of-age mistakes, toxic relationships, and the sometimes painful but joyous roads of self-discovery.

The track highlights the artist’s pop-punk roots by paying homage to the emotiveness of icons like Avril Lavigne and The All-American Rejects. CARR has an indisputable talent for infusing memorable power-pop guitars and tongue-in-cheek lyrics with brutal honesty. CARR’s deadpan delivery, especially on lines like “now you’re all alone with your tiny dick,” is driven by clever songwriting and contains energy that moves across alt-pop, energetic indie-rock and pop-punk tendencies. 

“I fought hard to have that line kept in the song,” shares the artist about her more inflammatory lyrics. “8/10 people wanted me to change it, and I was like no way.” Wryly observational yet candidly familiar, “Loser” is an immensely relatable anthem that looks back on the crappy people you’ve dated only to realize all you can do now is poke fun at yourself for dealing with those miserable circumstances in the first place.

CARR shares, “We made ‘Loser’ about those types of people you date that just really, really suck. It’s kind of like a realization of how low you’ve stooped for them. I wanted to make a fun anthem about it, and something I wish I could’ve blasted in my car when I was getting over some horrible dudes. It was the most fun I’ve had in a session probably ever because we were just laughing the whole time, making jokes that we put in the song.”

The accompanying music video is an equally engaging piece of art full, partly stemming from CARR’s own background in film. The Natalie Leonard and Rachel Cabitt directed music video flirts between melodrama, camp, and the grotesque. “I originally made a mood board for the project, and it had a lot of old horror movie references and just overall dark vibes,” explains the New Jersey native. “So, when we had a call with the Pond Creative girls, we talked about how much I love fucked up things and horror in general. So from that, they sent over a treatment, and I was obsessed with the plotline. They nailed it on the first try.”

The clip opens with the singer drenched head to toe in blood while she muses over just how horrible of a person her former flame was to her. “I’m obsessed with horror films, so I was strangely so excited for this video and to be made a bloody mess,” shares CARR. “The best part was just getting to be covered in blood, running around the streets of New York with everyone staring and concerned. People were terrified. I think a kid even started crying at one point." 

CARR is then seen carrying her victim down a flight of apartment stairs and exclaiming in the streets that she "can do so much better.” She continues, “The most challenging aspect of it was carrying the 'body bag’ up and down the apartment steps. They made it with tons of small plastic bags filled with water to give it the chunkiness of an actual body. It was so heavy, I was genuinely struggling- no acting needed.”

“Loser” is an empowering must-add to any summer playlist, perfect for blasting at full volume while going for night drives with your partners in crime.

Listen to "Loser" below: