Carter Ace Is Just Here to Enjoy the Ride on “The One and Lonely”


Photo: Luca Venter

Integrating the world of R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul drip, space funk, and even a little punk, Cameroonian-American singer, songwriter, rapper, and artist Carter Ace delivers a succinct but hard-hitting track. "The One And Lonely" comes as Ace's first track of the year but may just be the breakout track he's been waiting to put out into the world. 

With dad being an artist and mom a dancer in his band, music surrounded Carter growing up. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and South Africa, he was fortunate enough to be able to understand the differences in the world around him. He's been able to assimilate various cultures and use them to create his own undeniable sound.

"The One And Lonely" is about finding purpose in life. In a press release, Carter explains, "This track is about creating art in the void of loneliness, intensified during the last year with the forced isolation of the pandemic and navigating my growing success. In this void, the pressure to create has turned into a distracting white noise as I recognize that I am truly 'The One and Lonely.' As the track morphs static noise into inspirational melodies, I realize I don't know my purpose, so I might as well enjoy the ride."  

The music is quite honestly what takes the cake. The creative amalgamation of sonic and mood shifts is intoxicating from start to finish. While the song and production are without a doubt well-crafted, the music video brings out what it means to "enjoy the ride." Keep on living life to the absolute fullest; we're 100% here for the ride, Carter Ace.

Listen to "The One and Lonely" below: