Caitie Turner’s ‘Heartbroken and Milking It’ Is For the Hopeless Romantic in All of Us


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

Catie Turner's music moves through the world with an infectious sincerity, invisible to the passerby but deeply affective to those it happens to grace. It's a testament to her gift for immaculate pop-minded songwriting that carries with it an empathy well beyond her age, and it is a gift she is more than happy to share on her major label debut EP, Heartbroken and Milking It.

Heartbroken and Milking It is a project that stays wholly true its name, casting a light on a Turner in the midst of heartbreak. It tackles its subject matter with a wear your still bleeding heart on your sleeve mentality, managing to uncover the full gambit of human emotions in the process. You'll find Turner delivering a sweeping, lovelorn ballad one moment on "Play God" only to deliver a biting declaration the next on "Therapy." In many ways, it captures the process of heartbreak in its truest form, with no two tracks or moments feeling quite the same.

"When I got my heart broken," Turner shares, "my mom told me to 'not give them any of your energy - they're not worth it!' so I wrote a whole EP about the situation, because I was creative with the ways I ignored my loved ones advice. After lots of crying, trying to manifest a better boyfriend, and a whole lot of mental energy later, Heartbroken and Milking It was born! I hope u enjoy my sad lil baby."

And like any great record surrounding heartbreak, there are traces of the lovesick, doe-eyed optimist. "Love on the Moon" is one particular standout moment that sees Turner opting for a more folk-leaning approach, delivering a minimalistic ballad perfect for the hopeful romanticist. Even for those who feel like they're caught in the midst of love and uncertainty, there's "Push You Away," a driving, anthemic number that shows off the full range of Turner's star potential.

"I don't hate you / I just hate the way I love you," sings Turner in the EP's closing track, "Wish I Didn't Have to (Lie)." It's a succinct yet impactful closing statement that likely hits a little too close to home for anyone who has had their heart broken. But through every moment of Heartbroken and Milking It's emotional journey, Turner remains as a constant point of solace, emerging as an artist more than capable of transforming her own heartbreak into a universally shared moment of empathy.

Listen to Heartbroken and Milking It below: