Cavetown's Charming Vocals Bring Light to His Sorrows In Heartbreaking “Feb 14″


Although Robin Skinner is only 20 years old, he has already released three impressive full-length albums, and a plentiful string of noteworthy singles, under the moniker Cavetown. Skinner's musical talents were first publicly showcased in 2014 when he launched his YouTube Channel and released music on his Bandcamp page. Cavetown's refreshing bedroom pop sound is more evident than ever in his charming new single, "Feb 14."

Known for his deep lyricism that dives into topics of love and loss, Cavetown sings about fear in a budding romance in "Feb 14." The sorrowful track seems to share a narrative that suggests Cavetown leaves his lover to perform sold out shows to giant crowds when he really wants to stay by her side. Aside from the depressing notion of being caught in a sticky situation on "Feb 14," the guitar-driven tune is layered with Cavetown's breathtaking vocals and playful xylophones that certainly lighten the mood.

On "Feb 14," Cavetown shared,

"My new song 'Feb 14' is now now. U can listen to TWO versions: one was recorded in my home studio and the other was filmed and recorded live at Hoxton Hall in London this past May. I hope u like it."

Cavetown was kind enough to bless us with both a studio version and a live version of "Feb 14″ below:

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