Caye Unravels Three Inspiring Stories In “Trust Fall” Video


Music is what many of us turn to in order to cope wth hardship. The relatability and support that music offers can be hard to come by, but Caye provides both with the release of his new single, "Trust Fall." Taking the leap from rap to pop, the video for "Trust Fall" explores three people's lives, including both their triumphs and tribulations.

The video opens with Caye explaining how he makes music in order to inspire other people, but that this video is about the people that inspire him. First up is 19-year old gymnast Margzetta from New Jersey. She has dedicated her whole life to gymnastics but unfortunately had to retire at age 17 due to a broken sternum. Though gymnastics no longer seemed to be in her future, she overcame her injury and competed at the USA Championships only a few months after.

Next we travel to The Bronx, New York, to meet Polly. Polly fell in love with breakdancing at only seven years old. At 18, his life changed course when his daughter, Serenity, was born. He plans to start an organization in his community to teach kids how to dance, to keep them out of trouble. 

Lastly, we go to the West Coast to meet Logan from Sacramento, California. Originally dreaming to be an MLB player, Logan also changed direction and became an EMT instead. On Nov. 8, 2018 Logan drove into the blazing fires in Paradise, California, to help save as many people as he could while living out of his ambulance for a week.

The last frame of the video holds the message, "The simple act of waking up every day makes us all heroes." Keep an eye out on Caye's website for ways you can play your part and help Margzetta, Polly, and Logan's commununities. Any small act of kindness goes a long way.

"Trust Fall" is now available everywhere.