Channel Tres Gets Tyler, The Creator’s Blessing to Drop an Official “EARFQUAKE” Remix


Compton's dance music maven, Channel Tres, has managed to pull off an unprecedented feat in modern music. He secured the first-ever blessing from Tyler, The Creator to make an official remix to one of his songs. "EARFQUAKE" was a stand out track on Tyler's critically-acclaimed IGOR and Channel gives it a funky rework in the upbeat and hip-thrusting style that has helped propel him into the playlist of your cultured crush that you're too scared to talk to. 

This remix is just one more sign of how bright the future is for Channel. No wonder he's always wearing shades. Listen to the "EARFQUAKE" remix below and make sure to grab tickets here to hop on the Channel train and catch him on his first west coast headlining tour.