Help. I Can’t Stop Playing the New Channel Tres and Polo & Pan Collab


If you're reading this, then I need your help. Early last night I decided to check out the newest Polo & Pan track "Tunnel," their second release of 2021. I really liked their last single "Ani Kuni," so I thought "what's the worst that could happen? I add another one of their bass-heavy club bangers to my weekly rotation?" But now I can't stop listening to it. 

It definitely doesn't help that the duo linked with Channel Tres for this insatiable new single, nor the fact that the duo hails from France. Channeling French house icons from Roulé Records to Ed Banger Records, Polo & Pan delivers the EDM-anthem of the summer on their newest release, and I have no idea how to stop listening. 

I'm being serious when I say that I can't get this song out of my head. Even though Polo & Pan's last LP was released in 2017, "Tunnel" sounds like they haven't spent a day outside of the studio since. From the record's steady synth melodies to its rattling percussion track, the Parisian duo's production serves as the perfect foundation for Channel Tres to deliver his infectious swagger-filled performance. Once Channel Tres's vocals became layered with a similar vocoder-laden track, I knew it was game over. I was already hooked, and while many of you slept comfortably last night I was busy fist-pumping in my home.

Though more music is likely coming on the horizon from both Polo & Pan and Channel Tres, "Tunnel" is the perfect summertime banger to tide you over until then. With low-ends like these, it may be safe to say that this will be constantly in rotation at most clubs and outdoor events you pull up to. Consider this the perfect time to become familiar with both "Tunnel" and the artists on it, because pretty soon they'll be inescapable. While many of their ravenous fans wait for new music, you can find me by your local club's speakers requesting the DJ to run it back.

Listen to "Tunnel" below: