Charlotte Lawrence Turns Pain Into Art in “Navy Blue”


In the past couple of years, Charlotte Lawrence has emerged as a definitive force in the realm of pop. Balancing hypnotic melodies with a take on the genre that is equal parts infectious and dark, the Los Angeles - based pop star in the making never fails to impress. It is a sentiment she continues to deliver on with her latest breathtaking single.

"Navy Blue" is a track that excels in the way it directly juxtaposes its softest and most heart-pounding moments. The opening moments are sparse and intimate as Lawrence's vocals float by like a siren's call. And while it would be no understatement to herald these very beginning moments as nothing short of beautiful, it is impossible to ignore the mounting sense of sorrow.

"Don't say the words we know are true / Just one more lie, it's not much to lose / Pretend that I'm not wrong for you," Lawrence pleads in a pained lull. It is a heartbreaking confessional, which, in turn, is matched by a deluge of earth-shattering production. With its dynamic range, "Navy Blue" is one of those picture-perfect tracks you could see scoring any moment of melodrama on The O.C., or any modern soap opera for that matter of fact. Lawrence spoke on the track in an Instagram post, sharing,

"This song is so important to me, one of those 'turn your pain into art' type of moments. hope it can affect you all in one way or another."

Lawrence has an undeniable talent for transforming moments of heartbreak and lingering melancholy into cathartic, larger-than-life moments of pop-fueled ecstasy. It is a talent that allows for "Navy Blue" to soar to liberating heights and dive into intimate, empathic lows in the span of fewer than three minutes.

Watch the visual for "Navy Blue" below and be sure to hear it and plenty more on Lawrence's headlining 'Navy Blue Tour':

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