Chase Alex Dives Into Moody and Experimental Hip Hop with the Melodic “Swiper”

The Chicago hip hop scene has consistently been churning out superstars over the past few years from Chance the Rapper, to Chief Keef, to the late Juice WRLD. All these artists have emerged with their own unique and distinct style and newcomer Chase Alex is no exception. Chase Alex takes influence from the current trap scene that focuses on song melody, but he does so with an interesting and fresh perspective.

Chase Alex has teamed up with Chicago native and electronic producer LAN Party to make electronic influenced melodic hip hop unlike anything else in the scene. "Bad Bitch Blues" was Chase Alex's debut song and a perfect introduction to the new artist. The song features futuristic production and a laid-back somber cadence from Chase. The song sticks in your head easily from just one listen. The two team up again on "Space Odyssey" and on Lan Party's "K33PSake" for tracks of similar caliber and memorable hooks.

Chase Alex is back with another single titled "Swiper" that builds upon his former ideas in a new and exciting direction. Produced by DAGZ, the production is hard-hitting and electronic with distorted bass and a futuristic atmosphere. Chase Alex manipulates his voice across the track to mirror the tone of the instrumental. The melody of the hook is infectious and one of Chase's best written to date. The refrain on the back end of the track is equally captivating. "Where do we run to? Where could we go? It's just like graduation and you're taking me home," which makes reference to Kanye - another Chicago native.

"Swiper" is another catchy addition to Chase Alex's discography of forward-thinking hip-hop music that is moody, futuristic, and highly addictive.

Listen to "Swiper" by Chase Alex below: