Chase Atlantic Paints a Kaleidoscopic Picture of Lust and Love in “HER”

Chase Atlantic is unafraid to take the rules of pop and run with them until they arrive at a sound that is entirely their own. In fact, the Australian alt-pop trio is making a veritable career out of it, blending undercurrents of hip-hop and swirling electronic aesthetics into a trademark fusion of pop that is selling out shows around the world. Nowhere is this sentiment more realized than on their latest single, "HER."

"HER" arrives as the lead single from Chase Atlantic's highly-anticipated sophomore album PHASES and follows the recent announcement of their Ones To Watch and The Noise - presented tour. The hypnotic new single offers a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic world the trio has in store for us. Mitchel Cave of Chase Atlantic spoke on the forthcoming album, sharing,

"We made this album because we wanted to drastically pivot the angle in which pop culture is viewed and ultimately digested… We've developed a completely new sound within a matter of months that has never been tapped into before. Chase Atlantic is now dwelling within a realm of its own; it's both scarily isolating and blissfully euphoric at the same time. Welcome to a whole new era."

Entering the world of "HER" makes us take Cave's words to heart, as we skirt across a shimmering soundscape of lust and a love that is unable to be realized. Detailing an encounter that illustrates the myriads of ways we seek out emotional attachment, from one-night stands to designer brands, Chase Atlantic delivers a track that is equal parts heartbreaking and mesmerizing. Then there is the visual accompaniment, which like the sonics on display here, are nothing short of opulent.

Watch the video for "Her" below and be sure to catch Chase Atlantic on their Ones To Watch and The Noise - presented tour: