CHLOBOCOP and Lee Scott’s “BELL ME BACK” Is Nothing Short of Intoxicating


Glasgow native Chloe Boyd, more popularly known under the delightful moniker CHLOBOCOP, has a distinctive, red-tinted vision for hip-hop. Growing up in the East End of Glasgow, an area that notably comprises some of the most staggering poverty in the United Kingdom, her formative years were defined by an adoration for female figures in hip-hop, from Nicki Minaj and beyond.

These defining moments build the intoxicating world of "BELL ME BACK." Premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats1 show, "BELL ME BACK" marks the first taste of new music from CHLOBOCOP since the release of her 2019 standout single "NARCOTICS." A collaboration between close friend and Blah Records' founder Lee Scott, the track sees the duo avoiding the outside world over a woozy soundscape made from reverbrant and discordant beats.

"BELL ME BACK" is the sonic personification of doing everything in your power to avoid whoever is on the other end of that call, only accidentally answering when found in a complete daze. The Glasgow native's verses perfectly capture this sway between apathy and stupor, switching up between effortless delivery and slurred speech. CHLOBOCOP and her intoxicating brand of rap is undeniably up next. In her own words, 

"Women are fucking dominating the rap game right now, I mean in the past it was always the women getting brushed under the rug but now the whole of rap has changed in a sense it's easier for woman to shine with real bars when ur used to being saturated with lazy mumble rapper males."

Listen to "BELL ME BACK" below: