Christian Blue's "Leave It Unlocked" Leaves Us Wanting More

Between writing, producing and being a multi-instrumentalist, it seems as if Christian Blue can do it all. After proving his talents as a reputable producer/songwriter and working with artists like JAWNY and Tinashe, Christian Blue debuts his solo project with his first ever single, "Leave It Unlocked". Introducing his unique blend of funk, pop and hip hop, this divine artist is setting himself apart from the newcomers.

The Oakland-native is a lyricist at heart. Finding creative ways to tell his tale through his epic flow and poetic libretto. "Leave It Unlocked" tells the story of his loyalty to the girl of his dreams. Reassuring her that he'll always have her back no matter the circumstances. No matter the amount of work, struggle or obstacles that he endures in life, he'll always be by her side. Blue explains,

"'Leave It Unlocked' is about me letting my girl know I got her back, regardless of all the time and energy I spend workin' on myself and my goals. I got you, I'm just puttin' in that work."

The production is pristine. Between the funky bass and classic hip hop beat, it gives you a sense of 90's hip hop influence. It's accompanied gracefully with his unique and versatile vocal ability. His skillful transitions between falsetto rapping and soothing singing just proves his ability to be a competitor as an artist in a cut-throat industry. Christian Blue is just getting started, but coming out of the gates swinging already. Don't sleep on what could possibly be one of the next trending emerging artists in the game.