Claire Rosinkranz’s ‘6 Of A Billion’ Is a Sonic Playground For the Rapidly Rising Star


Photo: Dillon Matthew

Claire Rosinkranz is a storyteller at heart. The Gen Z singer, songwriter, ballerina, and multi-instrumentalist first made an impossible to ignore splash with her TikTok-fueled hit "Backyard Boy," an idyllic leftfield pop anthem that played out like a diary entry given sonic form. It is the same sense of emotional honesty that fuels her sophomore EP, 6 Of A Billion.

Like much of Rosinkranz's previous work, 6 Of A Billion is steeped in an infectious sincerity. From the opening words of  "Hotel" - "I keep a lot of secrets to myself" - to the closing pop-jazz departure of "LAX," every passing moment feels akin to an emotional revelation, whether that be found in trading tightly-held secrets or musing on strangers passing by. It imbues her work and EP with a contradictory appeal, simultaneously deeply personal and universal in scope.

Beyond Rosinkranz's impressive songwriting depth, 6 Of A Billion serves as a sonic playground for the budding pop star who was launched into fame within the span of a year. Over the six tracks, you can find the Gen Z multi-hyphenate carving out softly-sung, acoustic-led pockets of reflection, bordering on poetry, one moment only to fling herself forward into a radio-ready, carefree earworm the next. The previously-released "Frankenstein" serves as a prime example of the latter, with its glittering soundscape, whimsical lyrics, and utterly infectious pacing proving that her initial moment of viral success was no mere fluke.

Rosinkranz, and in turn 6 Of A Billion, is a testament to the ever-evolving range to be found in the next generation of pop stars. It is a generation defined by artists unafraid to carve out a path for themselves - artists capable of transforming intimate moments of reflection into universally shared bouts of euphoria.

Listen to 6 Of A Billion below: