Claud’s “Miss You” is the Perfect Wistful End of Summer Song

Although Claud is only 20-years old, the non-binary, bedroom pop-singer is already clocking in millions of streams due to the relatability of their outsider love anthems. Their latest single "Miss You" is a sweet melody about love and longing which is perfect for this time of year as summer wistfully draws to a close. 

In this single, Claud melodically moves through the stages of missing someone such as eyes that won't stay dry, yearning to turn back time, and wondering if the other person feels the same. Unfortunately, this is something most people have experienced personally; however, through Claud's sharing of their own experience, the message that people are not alone in their loss or longing is conveyed. While the lyrics are painfully raw, the underlying music is whimsical, creating a hazy, daydream like atmosphere.

While Claud wrapped up their California and New York tour earlier this summer, they will be playing a handful of shows this October. They have also announced the new Sideline Star EP, set for an Oct. 25 release.

Make sure to check out "Miss You" here: