CLOUDxCITY Leave Their Mark With Debut Single “Find a Way To You”


If you need an energy concoction to pair with all the unsaid visceral activities that make end of weeks so animated, the CLOUDxCITY's debut single "Find A Way To You" is the proper mixer to your poison, anthem to your property, or crescendo tune with amorous arm candy in hand. 

Comprised of vocalist / producer Enjel and songwriter / producer TAS, CLOUTxCITY's latest single disguises its sad-adjacent lyrics with a propulsive beat, deep bass synths and crash claps that send the feet afoot (and a hypnotic wood block / mbira sample that is earworm truth; please enlighten me what this is). 

Elevated, arm-raising production aside, the song is actually about a timeless poetic device, unrequited love, the group explains, ""Find A Way To You" is about one-sided love. It was written from the perspective of being alone, drinking, in your feelings, and wanting nothing more than to be with one specific person. It's about not caring that you care too much… like fuck it, I feel something!" Whatever the sadboi inspiration, we are glad this track found a way into our inbox, and look forward to more from the duo in the year to come.  

Listen to "Find a Way To You" below: