Colby Lafayette Re-lives His Misfit Days on "BUMPIN' 16's"

Photo By: Eric Zeller

Blending genres like grunge, rock and hip-hop, Colby Lafayette is creating a unique sound of his own. Growing up, Lafayette was a student who excelled at everything he tried. But, he didn't follow the path of an average straight A student. Upon graduating high school, college wasn't in the plans, and he decided to move to LA. Debuting his music project just two years ago, he's seen tremendous growth. Colby Lafayette releases his best hit to date, "BUMPIN' 16's," and we're more than pleased to help tell his story.

"BUMPIN' 16's" showcases the diversity in his writing. The story is told in a relatable way. It takes you back to your careless teenage years. Like many of us punk rock kids, it brings us back to our misfit days of smoking cigarettes outside of local shows, and busting our asses trying to hit our favorite skateboard trick. You can close your eyes and vividly see your dyed purple hair and 40's taped to your hands. Noses bleeding from the mosh pits, pushing and shoving, it's what we crave to go back to.

Lafayette has a way of creating this imagery in your mind. But it's not just because of the story he tells. The deep bass, deep kick and lo-fi drums are all a part of the recipe, bringing a heavy low end out and rubbing it right in your face. The distorted guitar helps display the grunge influence he carries with him. The ad-libs show his love for hip-hop, even when he adds Kurt Cobain-like raspy vocals. It's safe to say we've found an extremely unique and boundary breaking artist, writing music for nobody but himself. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.