conner Continues to Impress on His New Single “rock bottom”


conner has been leading the charge of artists taking alternative punk sounds and reframing them for a new audience. His singles "recents," "theme song," and "bite the bullet" span across multiple genres but all commonly embody his larger than life rockstar persona. conner takes influence from 90′s alternative, punk rock, and contemporary hip hop to create a style that's distinct and personal. 

conner builds on this momentum with his newest release "rock bottom." The single is conner's most distorted, rebellious, and high energy so far. conner's delivery on the hook is vibrant and defiant with his signature charismatic punk-inspired, vocal performance. 

"rock bottom" disregards any notion of genre categorization and instead shows conner paving his own path. "rock bottom" is another addition into conner's growing discography filled with punk attitudes manifesting in modern sounds. 

Listen to "rock bottom" by conner below: