contradash Seeks Out Reassurance on “petal pickin’”

The talking stage that precedes a relationship is notoriously awkward and difficult to navigate. It's filled with nuance and requires a skillful balance of acting interested, but not desperate. In his latest single "petal pickin'," contradash seeks out reassurance that his feelings aren't one sided while remaining effortlessly cool and self-confident.

contradash's muffled vocals flow seamlessly over the bubbly production of the track. Despite his very casual delivery, the lyrics are raw and honest, unveiling a more vulnerable side of the singer. Equally as stunning as the track itself, the video for "petal pickin'" is flooded with vibrant colors and rich textures.  

To say contradash is a special artist would be an understatement. Despite having only four releases under his belt, the 22-year-old is carving out his own lane in music. His sound lives in a world of its own, impossible to mistake for any other artist. It's not quite rap, not quite pop, and not quite rock. But regardless of how it's labeled, his music undeniably good. No two songs sound the same, keeping listeners guessing and eager to hear what he'll come up with next.