Cory Wong Proves Guitar Is Still King With “Cosmic Sans” ft. Tom Misch


In an era marked by growing popularity and ease of access to digital audio production, some music fans argue that the guitar is losing its place as a longstanding staple of contemporary music. Well, those people haven't heard of Cory Wong. The acclaimed guitarist, known by many for his work with virtuosic funk band Vulfpeck, just released a video for his new song "Cosmic Sans" that is a vigorous reminder that the guitar is still king.

On "Cosmic Sans," which is to be released on the artist's 3rd studio album Motivational Music for the Syncopated Soul, Wong teams up with fellow funk wizard Tom Misch in a blistering demonstration of just how dynamic a six-string can be. Between the two guitars featured in the video, the pair of artists showcase an elastic, otherworldly lead alongside a searingly crisp display of rhythmic excellence. By the end of the three-and-a-half-minute whirlwind, you'll already be writing a check for your new Stratocaster.


Though Wong and Misch have known of each other for some time now, this is the first instance in which they collaborated. On their meeting, Wong says,

“Tom and I have been aware of each other’s music for quite a while but hadn’t had a chance to interact until he was hanging in L.A. for a week doing some writing and creative exploration. We hung out just as a couple of guitar players who wanted to jam. I had a couple chord progressions and grooves I was messing with the day before, so we started jamming on it over a drum loop. We put a song form together and recorded it. I took the guitar parts and started putting some of my production on it; adding other instruments and shaping the sound; and it turned out to be a real banger!”

The video accompanying the track doesn't feature flashy production or other eye-catching frills - just sheer dexterity and musical intuition. Check out  "Cosmic Sans" below and be sure to watch for the release of Motivational Music for the Syncopated Soul on Aug. 2: