Courier Club’s “Soapbox Sunday” Is a Post-Punk Anthem for a Social Media Generation [PREMIERE]


There is an electrifying energy surrounding up-and-coming post-punk band Courier Club. Making music that simultaneously calls to mind the sprawling lyricism of Arctic Monkeys at their most experimental and the frenetic pacing of early '00s video game soundtracks, the Philadelphia-band and their latest single, premiering here today, arrives as a welcome breath of fresh air in a music scene that feels increasingly stagnant.

"Soapbox Sunday" may only be the fourth official single from Courier Club, but it is a deft illustration of a band with a firm hand on their craft. Jumping between a deluge of irresistible electric guitars and lyrics that flow out like stream-of-conscious musings, Courier Club make pairing thought-provoking lyricism with refreshingly enthralling rock look easy. For there's a lot more to "Soapbox Sunday" than simply undeniable, heartfelt post-punk. The Philadelphia-based band spoke on their latest single, sharing,

"Navigating today's social scene feels like an arcade game at times. I like to think it's because the influence of the online aspect within day to day interactions. Every step is a lost or gained follower, and we're all racing for that high score."

While Courier Club's distinctive sound may be firmly rooted in indie rock and post-punk, their sensibilities are irrefutably modern. The end result is a post-punk outfit we simply cannot wait to lead a revival or guitar-driven rock capable of simultaneously stirring up a mosh pit and greater meditations on the world around us.

Take your first listen "Soapbox Sunday" below: