Crown Lands - “Waterfall” [Live + Interview] | Northside Sessions

Cody Bowles and Kevin Comeau make up Crown Lands, a classic rock - minded duo that creates anthems that flow as effortlessly as their hair. Their music is brimming with blaring drums, fiery electric guitar riffs, and hearty vocals. But most importantly, their music comments on oppression forced onto minorities, specifically in Canadian history.

The two may not share the same backgrounds, but they do have similarities in their families' histories. Bowles is Mi'kmaq, a group of indigenous people from Canada, while Comeau is Jewish. Both of their families were directly affected by injustice and abuse, which is directly why this duo decided to use music as a platform to vocalize the mistreatment of Canada's indigenous people.

Their mix of righteousness and talent paid off when the duo toured with some of their heroes this past year. Crown Lands opened for Jack White from The White Stripes during his cross-Canada stadium tour. In opening up for some of rock music's biggest names, Crown Lands has absorbed a larger-than-life sound and ethos that is sure to propel them to grand heights in the years to come.

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