"west” Is Cybertrash at His Most Inventive


Not much is known about the enigmatic Atlanta-based artist known as Cybertrash. With only a few songs available on streaming, it's difficult to get a clear picture of the artists' sound. "many men" is a hard-hitting rap track, while the single "stay 4 a while" is a slow-burning indie-pop ballad. 

His budding discography is so varied in scope that it's almost difficult to believe that they come from the same artist, and yet, it is this diversity of sounds and styles that makes the up-and-comer so exciting. Cybertrash cannot be pinned down nor confined to a singular sound.

Cybertrash's latest single "west" seems like a new beginning as well as a new direction for the artist. "west" sees Cybertrash taking huge experimental risks, ultimately paying off in a glitchy, melodic tour de force. With production help from Elijah Cruz, the instrumental compliments Cybertrash's intimate vocal performance perfectly. "west" climatically builds with loud electric guitar leads and Cybertrash straining his vocals over the back half of the song.

"west" is Cybertrash at his most inventive. Unlike anything he's made before, the single flexes his versatility while leaving the door wide open for where he might artistically move next.

Listen to "west" below: