Dae Zhen Has an Ominous Pop Rap Vision on “Smoke About It”


Los Angeles based singer, rapper, and producer Dae Zhen is here to stay. Over the past few years, Dae Zhen has consistently released music that blends pop and hip hop in an interesting and memorable way that exudes charisma. The handful of singles he has released in 2020 has taken him to another artistic level. 

Zhen has perfected his hook writing abilities. The single "2020 Vision" and "Idk" are strong introductions to the artists. They both feature bouncy production and Dae Zhen's ability to switch effortlessly between fast rap flows and smooth catchy hooks.

His new single "Smoke About It" is darker tonally and puts Dae Zhen's vocals front and center. The accompanying music video directed by Tre Hale matches the eerie tone well. The song and video both pull you into Dae Zhen's world and help establish his artistic identity.

"Smoke About It" is another addition to Dae Zhen's growing catalogue of catchy pop rap tracks. Everyone is bound to find a song by Dae Zhen that they can relate to because of his consistent output and versatile discography.

Listen to "Smoke About It" by Dae Zhen below: