Damn Son, Where’d You Find These New Kim Petras, SOPHIE, and lil aaron Collabs


Photo: Thom Kerr

If there has ever been a pop pairing the world needed as much in 2019 as Kim Petras and SOPHIE, we have yet to hear it. Petras, the Britney Spears-evoking, modern-day pop princess, has made a splash in the realm of pop with a sound that calls back to the infectious heyday of '90s American pop and '80s European disco. Meanwhile, art-pop purveyor SOPHIE has trailblazed forth a new path forward in the UK dance and pop world with an avant-garde approach that defies norms and expectations.

Together, Petras and SOPHIE are here to demonstrate the innate overflowing joy of pop as a genre in their highly-anticipated collaboration, "1,2,3 dayz up." The explosive fusion of Petras' nostalgia pop and SOPHIE's unconventional production, including a sample of the infamous sample-turned-meme "Damn Son, Where'd You Find This," is an expected match made in heaven.

We could gush about Petras and SOPHIE's new track all day but the rising German pop artist has given us practically no time at all, dropping not only "1,2,3 dayz up" but two other singles as well. The trio of singles, which follows a series of singles and Petras' noteworthy Halloween mixtape, showcases the true range of the artist's love for pop.

In "Homework," we see Petras link up with frequent collaborator lil aaron for a more somber reflective track that could be taken from the heartwarming of a teen drama. 

Then there is "If U Think About Me…," the only track that features no collaborators but sees Petras absolutely soaring. The thundering '80s-reminiscent power ballad designed for the ending scene of Brat Pack film feels like the embodiment of Petras as an artist. 

Through every shimmering release, Petras is reaching back to her long-held love affair with pop's brightest days and presenting it in a glistening package for a new generation of listeners.