Dante Palminteri Gets Personal in Bittersweet “Far from Me” [Premiere]


Considering his childhood issues with dyslexia, it is poetic that Dante Palminteri has found solace in penning songs. Since releasing his first EP, 2018′s From Me to You, Palminteri is now baring it all for listeners as he tackles issues that are ultimately true to himself. The multifaceted Palminteri offers a touching look into his life in the atmospheric "Far from Me."

On "Far from Me," Dante Palminteri exclusively shared with us,

“This music is inspired by growth and change. I took a small hiatus from releasing music to live in the studio and write like crazy - to really find my voice and define who I am. My past releases were heavily influenced by other people telling me what to write and why. It made me not as excited, which damaged my release plan and storytelling. But now with these new songs, I'm hitting the ground running and giving it all I've got since they're so personal.”

Whether it be a troubled romance or a complicated platonic relationship, Palminteri makes it clear that he feels distant from someone who he wishes he could be with. "Far from Me" serves as a healthy reminder for us to appreciate our loved ones while we can. With chilling rhythm guitars and smooth vocals, "Far from Me" is exactly what Palminteri had envisioned for the next step in hus musical journey, and he refuses to stop there.

Palminteri continued,

"Writing for me is like therapy. All of my emotions and experiences get baked into my music. All of these songs are about very different points in my life. All of these songs are a narration of what was happening to me at the time. Without giving anything away - some are inspirational, some are depressing, and everything in between."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Far from Me" below: