Dayglow Gets Destroyed by a Multicolor Fringe Monster in Visual for “Hot Rod”


photo credit: Nicholas Wong

Nine months since his astonishingly successful debut album, Fuzzybrain, Sloan Struble -known to fans as Dayglow- has delighted us with a quirky primary-colored rom-com in the new "Hot Rod" music video. The Texas-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter spearheads the creative direction of his project, taking care to inject the pop positivity that he sees lacking in the world and in music. 

A year after enrolling at UT Austin, Dayglow's self-produced Fuzzybrain has garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify. The bedroom-pop prince has since hit the road to tour the U.S. with high-profile indie band COIN. On June 27, he premiered his second ever music video to date, an eccentric fringe-themed visual to accompany the third track from his debut album, "Hot Rod."

In a comic-like collage world of red, yellow, and blue, Dayglow takes out his binoculars to scout for cute hipster girls to pick up. While Dayglow rides his bike away from the girl-watching tower in his red fringe jacket, he crashes into a bike-riding hipster girl wearing a yellow fringe scarf. The two fall in love, and spend the rest of the day making fuse bead dolls and playing patty-cake together. Everything is perfect between Dayglow and his yellow fringe dream girl until the "nice guy" switch on his guitar is flipped off–at which point he ditches his girl and leaves her brokenhearted. 

Later, Dayglow goes back to his girl-watching tower, only to find the girls are all gone. Instead, they are inside the brain of a giant primary-colored fringe monster that has come to take revenge on Dayglow. Right before the two face off, the video ends. What a cliffhanger!

Dive into the Dayglow's indie-fringie wonderland below:

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