Destiny Rogers Is a ‘Tomboy’ Unafraid to Sing Her Soul Out


Pop and R&B fusion singer Destiny Rogers just released her first EP Tomboy her, and we are hooked. Think of Rogers as a mix of Rihanna and SZA who still remains fearlessly truthful to herself. 

Hailing from a small town in Northern California, Rogers always thought she would be a professional skater when she grew up. However, due to her parents love for music and them constantly playing a wide array of music in their household, she decided to pursue music instead. At the age of 10, Rogers began teaching herself how to play the guitar by watching Justin Bieber cover videos on YouTube. Over the past nine years, the 19-year-old has busked in the streets of Los Angeles, signed her first record deal with Beach Wave Sound, and is now releasing her first EP. 

Tomboy may be a five-track project, but each song contains a unique world with a life all its own. From bold to vulnerable every song showcases Rogers' passion for love, independence, and most prominently her music.

"Tomboy," the first song on the EP, perfectly prefaces Roger's sound and personality. Although titled "Tomboy," the track is an empowering anthem advocating girl power. Roger confidently sings about her independence as a young woman in the bass-heavy track. The music video for "Tomboy" captures Rogers in her element as she skates through her hometown with friends and professional skaters by her side.

In "Apologies," the singer-songwriter boldly broadcasts her frustrations about forgiving her boyfriend after he constantly screws things up. "Strong Ones" is a song with heavy emphasis on the acoustic guitar song. It begins introspectively as Rogers analyzes her personal tendencies and eventually leads to her expressing her love for a guy. Rounding out the EP is "LockDown," a slower track confessing that the boy she has a crush on, has her completely spellbound. The song is full of love-stricken lyrics, that may differ from "Tomboy" but are all-too-relatable just the same.  

Tomboy arrives as a striking grand entrance into the music world for Rogers. And with her impressive vocal acrobatics and songwriting capabilities, it is clear she will be accomplishing even more in the year to come.

Listen to Tomboy below: