dev soter Showcases His Beautiful Falsetto on “Brainless”


dev soter immediately pulls you in with his powerful falsetto and emotive tone. Beyond just captivating vocals, soter combines influences and genres creatively that differ from track to track. This versatility makes it hard to predict what direction he’ll take each new single. His debut track "Hills" has clear hip-hop influence with an ethereal stripped-back beat and beautiful background vocals. 

soter follows up "Hill" with the soulful funk track "Brainless." The song shows off his immense vocal range and the self-produced instrumental perfectly matches his style. The beat is an old-school throwback with a memorable bass-line and drums. 

"Brainless" takes listeners to a completely different artistic side of the newcomer. Its Funkadellic influence is reinterpreted for a modern audience, and soter manages to make the track personal. "Brainless" builds anticipation for wherever dev soter decides to artistically go next.

Listen to "Brainless" below: