dhruv’s ‘rapunzel’ Is a Smoldering Coming-of-Age Story


Photo: Theo Cottle

Communication is at the heart of all forms of expression, whether that be an attempt to converse with an individual, the divine, the world at large, or the self. For 22-year-old admitted introvert dhruv, music exists as his way of sharing his very being and innermost thoughts with all those willing to listen.

"Growing up, I felt like an observer," dhruv shares. "Like I was watching everyone else go about their lives. The alienation only eased when he started writing songs. Music has always been the way that I reclaim my sense of autonomy. I’m not good at talking about myself, but music gives me agency." 

rapunzel, the debut EP from dhruv, arrives as a translucent glimpse into those deeply personal musings of both the rapidly rising artist and the world around him. Backed by pop-R&B that strays the line between radio-ready flashes of inspiration and sentimental late-night vibes, he opens up about shedding tears and secrets in the club, losing yourself in someone else, coming to the heartbreaking realization he cannot force love where it doesn't exist, and whatever else found its way into his voice memos. 

In between heart-stirring bouts of introspection, dhruv also delves into smoldering R&B on the breakout hit "double take." Chronicling a hypnotic story of queer love placed in dhruv's formative, conservative Singapore, the infectious slowburn is a standout showstopper for the rising star. And while its stadium-made appeal is undeniable, it's in the quieter, tender moments, where a friendship blossoms into love, that dhruv's coming-of-age story truly comes to life. Coming-of-age without sacrificing that innocent spark of novel possibility 

"rapunzel is about self-discovery. It's about a memory I have of playing princess at my grandmother’s house," dhruv says. "I remember being super uninhibited. Part of growing up is losing some of that. For me, this project is about getting back to living just for me." 

Listen to rapunzel below: